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Episode 12 DHATour Podcast Series: Dreaming of a Hard Rock Christmas

Welcome to Episode 12 (“Dreaming of a Hard Rock Christmas” of the Podcast Series “What Really Helps: Bike+RV+Dog=50 States. For this podcast, it was Day 74 through Day 80 of the Duty, Honor, America Tour (Dec 19 - 25, 2010).

This week we found warmer weather and beautiful views as we headed South Southeast in Alabama into the Panhandle of Florida to visit both Eglin AFB and Pensacola NAS, then headed West along the Gulf Coast, briefly back into Alabama again, then off to Biloxi MS to enjoy the Hard Rock Hotel and Christmas Eve in the South.

As always, cycling stats for the week for those interested are: 347.23 miles cycled and 7,455 feet climbed.


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