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Episode 10: Photo Highlights Video - Juggling Schedules & Planes

Welcome to Episode 10 (“Juggling Schedules & Planes” of the Podcast Series “What Really Helps: Bike+RV+Dog=50 States. For this podcast, it was Day 60 through Day 66 of the Duty, Honor, America Tour (Dec 5 - 11, 2010).

This week we leave Florida, head North towards Atlanta, Georgia and visit Fort Benning, along the route. Sounds simple enough on the surface, but then you have to factor in airplanes, weather conditions, illness, family visits, and distances to see what we had to juggle this week. But we’ll get to that in the podcast.

As always, cycling stats for the week for those interested are: 376.94 miles cycled and 11,312 feet climbed.

Be sure to check out our podcast for Episode 10 to hear about the stories behind these photos.


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