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Doug Cycled 50 states in one year for our Veterans, military and families

The Journey:

An Inspired Ride

The Tour

​Living our dreams may not always be possible. Yet, when we care enough -  we withstand the toughest conditions, dig deep and discover the power within.  ​With no experience, find out why this husband and wife team thrived against the odds to make a difference.

Stats at a Glance

Time Frame: 1 Year

Dates:   7 Oct 2010-

               6 Oct 2011

Elevation Climbed:

                548,651 ft 

Distance: 18,067 mi

Avg/Day:         61 mi

# States:         50

Start: Watertown, NY

End:   Keaau, HI

   Two veterans, Doug Adams (Cyclist) and his wife Deb

  Lewis (CEO-Chief Everything Officer), with their little dog

Daisy (Boss), embarked the 7th of October 2010 on a year-

long cycling tour of the United States to educate and inspire

Americans to pay attention to what REALLY helps our veterans,

military & families.  Along the way as Doug cycled over 18,067

miles, they collected and shared stories about people, organizations

and communities making a difference.  As of 6 October 2011, Doug

completed his last day of cycling where he started just after midnight

and cycled around the Big Island of Hawaii, riding 221 miles and climbing

over 14,170 ft in a single day to finish back at his ancestral home of Kea'au. 

When engaging local communities during the Tour, Deb and Doug looked for

every opportunity to learn and share what each community identified as

effective ways to support local veterans, military & families.  The legacy of Tour

will continue on through the stories and experiences Doug and Deb plan to share.


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