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Episode 11: Photo Highlights Video - Freezing Temps & Home-Cooked Meals

Welcome to Episode 11 (“Freezing Temps & Home Cooked Meals” of the Podcast Series “What Really Helps: Bike+RV+Dog=50 States. For this podcast, it was Day 67 through Day 73 of the Duty, Honor, America Tour (Dec 12 - 18, 2010).

This week the weather was freezing cold as we head to Atlanta to enjoy a few nights and a nice break and some great meals with West Point classmate Sean Feeney’s family. Plus Debra’s daughter Emily flew to join us and celebrate the holidays early. We met a few surprises along the way. By the end of the week, we leave Georgia to head West to Alabama where Debra drives a distance to find an RV repair shop able to make some essential repairs.

As always, cycling stats for the week for those interested are: 204.28 miles cycled and 9174 feet climbed.

Be sure to listen to our podcast for Episode 11 to hear the stories behind these photos.


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