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Why sunrise Aloha?

Deb and Doug set out to clarify their life purpose after serving the nation for so many years in the military. They wondered 'How to serve better?' and Sunrise Aloha was born. The trikoru in their logo depicts the circle of life, unending new beginnings and unlimited potential.  The colors represent the ancient elements of life: earth, wind, water and fire.  Deb and Doug embody the ALOHA Way Elements below in everything they do.


The ALOHA Way... A special story about life and love...Others may tell you it never happens...What if they're wrong?


Unifying Standard -  "Live life to the fullest, with love, in service" requires courage and suspending judgment.


ALOHA Way Elements (AWE).  All elements (see below) are integrated and work together. 


A- AUTHENTIC ALIGNMENT - at harmony with yourself and your values 


L- LOVING CONNECTION - how to love and honor others


O- OPEN HEART - how to engage imagination, inspiration and inquiry


H- HUNGER FOR WISDOM - free yourself from old patterns of thinking and ignite your unique potential


A- ACTING IN SERVICE - to live a life of meaning and impact beyond yourself 

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