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Get ready for some amazing stories, tools and insights to become available.  Deb and Doug are capturing what they have shared with others throughout their lives.  More than a few have returned to tell Deb and Doug what it meant at critical times, when the person needed someone to help believe in him/herself or give a big hug. Deb and Doug care deeply about others and are always thinking of ways to bring out the best in us all.  Let's decide to do more smiling and figure out together how to have more meaningful and joyful days.

Get Deb and Doug's Latest Meditation to Start Your Day - The Right Way...  Every Day!

The benefits of meditating and creating positive affirmations are clear. How valuable is it to you to live everyday in the proper mindset? Order "New Beginnings" meditation today! As these specially crafted words and responses sink in, see what wonderful things begin to happen.  Invite an inner smile and create brighter rainbows. You'll be glad you did... and so will those you love the most.

Online Audio Interviews


Entrepreneur Master Class with Laura Steward  July 2014  Online- All Business Radio Network

For Laura's 4th of July week show, she interviewed Deb to talk about the personal lessons that led Deb to the success she has today, how what she learned at West Point can be learned by anyone in business and what her definition of success is.

Stress Explosions: Triggers, Choices and the Will to Question

Deb and Doug care deeply about their friends and family and wanted to share their love in a special way.  They created their first "life adventure" video to give you a memorable way to deal with a sensitive topic that can derail the best in each of us… unhealthy stress. Someone you care about may be struggling right now with this.  Feel free to share it with them and anyone else.  No matter what your situation…  always remember how much Deb and Doug love you and...  believe in you.



Solutions in Plain Sight WebTalkRadio with Anne C Graham  April 2014 

Is Your 'Hello' Holding You Hostage? 
Want To Find Out How To Free Yourself? Check out Deb's  recent interview with the fabulous Anne C. Graham on her show 'Solutions in Plain Sight' on WebTalkRadio. Discover some key insights and tools we've learned that connects us with our AMAZING FRIENDS through work or outside of work.

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