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Achieve Your Dreams and Handle Adversity through Love and Working Closely Together

  Imagine EVERY DAY where...

        - your best always shows up in your personal and professional  relationships 

        - you transform negative influences & bad behaviors into  opportunities to make good things happen       

        - your choices positively affect you and everyone around you 

                                            YOU CREATE the Life YOU WANT

So much going on that people no longer see the best in you?


Let Deb & Doug show you what's possible...

At Your Best

- Anything is Possible -

A Positive Attitude
Takes Courage and Discipline
To Make Better Choices

Who Benefits?                                        


Look beyond today's reality to imagine something far better...


Deb and Doug's insights, tools and tips show you what's possible. Before Deb and Doug met, each had rich careers. Like many others, they experienced years of struggles, disappointments, and negative life influences stealing their best and their dreams in their personal lives (that stole pieces of their work life too) ...until... 

they imagined something better, and found the courage to do something about it.


After Deb and Doug met, their dreams began to be their reality. Keep in mind - life didn't become easier. Quite the contrary, plenty of challenges popped up along the way. And, they chose to add to normal life challenges (finances, family, work, moving, retiring, health, community), experiencing incredible joy when they did. For example, Doug (with Deb's support) 

bicycled 50 states in one year to raise awareness to help our military, veterans and families... over 18,000 miles! 


What changed? Deb and Doug realized they could thrive in the face of 

adversity. Along the way, they continue to discover better ways to transform negative life forces into joyful personal and professional opportunities.


Over the years, Deb and Doug's daily life continues to exceed all previous 

dreams. Magical moments frequently take place at home or out working within their community. With the support of many others in their lives, Deb and Doug enjoy discovering creative approaches to everyday situations and relationships, consistently leading to extraordinary outcomes.


Deb and Doug are eager to support you. They're ready to share a mountain of practical experiences, tools and hard-earned insights and discover what will best nurture your efforts to create the life you want. Who else might 

benefit from your successful journey?


Deb and Doug would be honored to be your guides.

Count on it being your adventure of a lifetime!

To Feel Anger Is Human
To Use Anger to Hurt Others...
Hurts All of Us

Experience Deb & Doug Live

Achieve Your Dreams and Handle Adversity through Love and Working Closely Together

Immerse yourself in one of Deb and Doug's many types of live events where you will discover ways to bring out your best self and clear a path to achieve far more than you ever dreamed possible.

Take Deb & Doug With You

Meditation New Beginnings Engage Your Mind in Ways to Live Your Dreams

How much better could life be without life's challenges hijacking the best of you? Choose from Deb and Doug's growing list of audio and video recordings to take with you and encourage you when you need it most.

Bring Deb & Doug Home

Childrens Book Why Is Pono not Pono Today Achieve Your Dreams and Handle Adversity through Love and Working Closely Together

Instill values and a greater love for each other, no matter how tough the situation. Check out the ongoing projects and life experiences of Deb and Doug. A rich life is one where you choose to live life to the fullest, with love, in service. 

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