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100+ Ways You Can Use Your Time, Talent or Treasure to REALLY Help Our Veterans*

«  Say “thank you” to a Veteran for his/her service  It’s such a small, simple gesture that is completely disproportionate to the sacrifice Veterans make for us, but they really do appreciate it. 


«  Share your skills and time with a Veteran


«  Be a “listener” and hear a Veteran’s story


«  Be a Mentor for your local Veterans Treatment Court 


«  Be an Advocate for a Veteran who needs assistance


«  Take a disabled Veteran for a walk


«  Share a meal with a disabled Veteran


«  Offer housekeeping services for a disabled Veteran


«  Hold a Veteran’s hand


«  Comfort a troubled Veteran


«  Assist Veterans in securing VA benefits


«  Find out how you can assist our military and their Family Readiness Groups (FRGs)


«  Assist families of deployed troops


«  Provide child care


«  Provide elder care


«  Take a Veteran to School Day


«  Attend Memorial Day Commemoration at the Cemetery


«  Participate in or volunteer for the next Veterans Day Parade


«  Share a flag with a Veteran


«  Sew a Lap Blanket or a Wheelchair Bag or knit a Cap for a Veteran


«  Volunteer at the Veterans Home


«  Record Oral Histories of Veterans


«  Distribute Buddy Poppies


«  Visit Veterans at Veterans Home, Hale Anuenue, Life Care Center


«  Attend Veteran funerals


«  Prepare and deliver meals to invalid Veterans


«  Assist with Veterans Stand Down to help homeless Veterans rebuild their lives


«  Welcome military troops home from deployment


«  Greet incoming troops at Kawaihae Harbor


«  Make sandwiches, serve water to incoming troops


«  Donate recreational equipment to incoming troops


«  Hold a Christmas food drive for needy Veterans


«  Distribute backpacks with personal care items to homeless Veterans


«  Donate to the Food Basket to support needy Veterans


«  Support needy Veterans, families and caregivers, by asking them or a local veteran support group what they need and then help them obtain it.


«  Offer your home repair skills to a Veteran or military family


«  Offer to help a Veteran or military family maintain their home. Cut grass, clean the yard, or paint the house.


«  Drive Veterans to medical appointments


«  Be a Companion to a Veteran, to relieve his or her caregiver or family member for a few hours


«  Communicate with a Veteran on a Chat line


«  Donate your frequent flier miles or points to bring a Veteran family together or help a Veteran



«  Send Care packages for deployed troops


«  Provide transportation for food shopping


«  Prepare and share a picnic brown bag lunch in the park


«  Watch football game, one-on-one


«  Take Veterans to a cemetery memorial service for someone they know


«  Get Veterans together for a ‘talk story’


«  Host a ‘Thank You’ Veterans dinner


«  Share family photos/family histories


«  Play music, entertain residents at the Veterans Home


«  Send Christmas cards to Veterans


«  Donate money and assist Veteran projects


«  Help build a home for an injured Veteran


«  Send a thank you letter


«  When you see a Veteran eating at a restaurant, discretely tell the waiter/waitress that you’d like to pick up the tab for them.


«  Ask your company to name Veterans Day an official company holiday.  


«  Donate to the USO and volunteer at a local USO Chapter.


«  Acknowledge our military who served our country but didn’t fight in a foreign war.  For instance, the National Guard provides disaster relief support, etc.  Veterans who did not fight in a foreign war are often given less attention, but are just as worthy of our praise and appreciation.


«  Place flowers/flags on the graves of Veterans.


«  Proudly display your American flag.


«  Help a homeless Veteran through VA services to receive their benefits.


«  When you see a soldier boarding your fully booked flight, offer them your window or aisle seat.


«  Teach your children about Veterans Day and how thankful we should be for the service of our Veterans.


«  If you own a business, offer a daily military discount or a special Veterans Day discount.


«  Display a yellow ribbon on your clothes, car, or around a tree to remind us of our deployed troops.


«  Support local Veteran groups and support groups like the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and the VFW Auxiliary.


«  Volunteer for a service project with your local VFW or Veteran support organization.


«  Take a Veteran to lunch.  


«  Learn about the Veterans in your family.  Find out who in your family served in the military


«  Post a message on a social network thanking our Veterans.  You never know who is reading your posts and just needed to hear “thank you.”


«  Take a moment of silence to remember those who gave their lives to protect our freedom.


«  Don’t forget about the four-legged Veterans.  Support the Vetdogs or similar program with a donation or by spreading the word about their program.


«  Surprise a military family/Veteran with a home cooked meal.


«  Send International Phone Cards to our troops serving overseas.


« Foster a pet when a military member deploys.


« Stop by your local war memorial and say a silent thank you to those who died while serving our country.


«  Wear red, white and blue today.


«  Bring a bag of groceries to a Veterans home.


«  Bake some sugar free cookies and take them to the local VA retirement homes in your area.


«  Do one good deed today in honor of those who gave their life for the country.


«  Help modify homes for wounded Veterans that need ramps, handrails, etc.


«  When you see someone in a military uniform, just give them a smile, wink, thumbs up or a nod to let them know you appreciate them.  They get it.


«  Help more Veterans take the Honor Flight.


«  If you’re in an airport when Honor Flight members are boarding or arriving from a plane, stop and cheer for them.  


«  Offer to babysit for a military spouse.  They need a night off too.


«  If you’re crafty, offer to help a Veteran scrapbook their pictures, letters, etc so they can share it with others.


«  Have a sign in front of your business?  Replace your usual marketing message with “Thank You Veterans!”


«  Change your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc profile picture to something patriotic (a yellow ribbon, an American flag, or a picture of your beloved Veteran).


«  Each time you thank someone currently serving in the military, thank their family too.  They all sacrifice so much for our freedom.


«  Buy a Veteran a military-themed gift.


«  If allowed, bring your well-behaved pet to a VA retirement home to bring smiles to the faces of the residents.


«  Walk a Veteran’s dog (or scoop the kitty litter).


«  Invite a Veteran to your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.


«  Help a service member connect with his/her family through videoconferencing facilities.


«  Send books to someone who served or currently serving in the military.


«  Say the Pledge of Allegiance today.


«  Learn about Post Traumatic Stress so you can be sensitive to the issues Veterans around you might be facing.


«  Adopt a military family for the holidays.  


«  Support Veteran-based legislation.


«  Remember our Veterans all year long- not just on Veterans Day!


«  Volunteer your financial, legal, or career expertise to Veterans.


«  Volunteer with an organization, such as Canine Companions for Independence, that provide therapy dogs to Veterans.


«  Offer a Veteran a ride


«  Help a Veteran heal with an animal companion


«  Hire a Veteran or help them find a job


«  Encourage education and training for Veterans


«  Let our active military, Veterans and their families know you care


«  Help currently serving military call home


«  Support medical research


«  Attend events in honor of our Veterans


«  Welcome Veterans and make them feel at home

* Mahalo to VFW Auxiliary to Post 3830 (2015's Community Parade Marshal) 

for starting this list with over 100 ways you can make a difference in the lives of others.

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